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        SUNNY FIRE HOSE is made of polyester jacket and rubber lining.  Polyester jacket is composed of warp in polyester staple and weft in polyester filament.  Lining is made of natural rubber.  Sunny fire hose is very flexible and resists high pressure.  It has good resistance in rolling and age.The main feature : light, flexible, good adhesive strength and long service life.


        RUBBER COVER FIRE HOSE is a high quality fire hose for use by professional fire fighters in the most demanding situations. It is constructed with all synthetic woven  textile reinforcement encased in high tensile rubber forming a unified lining and cover.


Oil & Chemical Resistance It's construction and unique PVC/Nitrile rubber blend
provide excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical and oil.
Heat Resistance
It has excellent heat resistance against accidental contact with hot embers.
Abrasion Resistance
It's strong PVC Nitrile cover provides a tough external coat ensuring excellent abrasion resistance.
Maintenance free
No drying is required and cleaning is quick and easy.
Weather resistance
It has excellent ozone and weather resistance and is suitable for the mostdemanding environ mental conditions.

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