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    TT (all synthetic fiber) HOSE
TETORON is the most suitable for hoses
synthetic fiber, used as warp yarn in TT FIRE HOSE.
TT Hose will not absolutely decay, even though it may be left as wetted.
TT Hose is light and flexible to facilitate its handling. 
Highly resistant to abrasion.
Outstanding weather resistance and excellent ageing resistance
SR (Synthetic Resin) processing is a method of 
applying a coating of a special polymer onto the
jacket of TT HOSE, protecting the hose from nick, 
cuts and abrasion damages and from deterioration
when exposed to sunlight. This method also ensures that the hose is less likely to absorb water, dries faster, and is easier to clean and maintain. 
   LIGHT DIA α       
      The LIGHT DIA α range has already earned an outstanding reputation in Japan.  LIGHT DIA α hoses feature a twill weave structure.  LIGHT DIA α hoses are lined with two thin layers of special high-quality engineering  plastics,newly developed, which reduce weight.  And the tough jacket resists nicks, cuts and abrasion.  Like LATEX hoses,LIGHT DIA α hoses are highly flexible, easy to handle and offer reduced friction loss.  

Burst Pressure:

49 kg/cm2 

(700p.s.i .)

Testing Pressure:

31 kg/cm2 


Working Pressure:

13 kg/cm2 

(186 p.s.i.)




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